eresource Xcel - ERP Software for Manufacturing Industry

eresource offers exclusive ERP software for manufacturing Industries. We have out of the box ERP solution for manufacturing industries. We are India’s no. 1 Leading ERP solution provider for more than a decade in Manufacturing Industry. As we oppose to use multiple software to manage different areas of business, so we came up with eresource ERP – Xcel which centralizes all information within a single system. With eresource ERP - Xcel will cater to all the activities right from Sales, Just-In-Time Procurement, control on Stock at multiple locations, adhering to statutory and regulatory compliance, Production Planning, Cost Control, management can access all the this activities from anywhere anytime.

Challenges Faced by Manufacturing Industry

Lack of professional workforce

The manufacturing industry is facing shortage of trained laborers. If the emerging reports to be believed by the year 2025 there will be between 2 million and 3.5 million unfilled manufacturing jobs in the manufacturing sector worldwide.

This shortfall can be managed largely with the help of fully automated ERP system likes eresource Xcel that allows manufacturers to collect large amounts of data. The need for a largely unskilled, trainable workforce that once made up much of manufacturing is shrinking as technology becomes more prevalent. This hi-tech and virtual reality ERP system is making it easier for manufacturers to train on the job while cutting costs.

Time, cost and quality

In the manufacturing space, projects are typically time, cost and quality sensitive. Manufacturers that miss deadlines risk losing out on millions of rupees in potential revenue and profit. Manufacturing projects require a design commitment early on, with little flexibility to adjust as new information emerges or requirements change. That can be quite frustrating for a team that wants to produce the best product they can but is handcuffed by deadline constraints.

Utilizing an advanced ERP system like resource Xcel, the exclusive ERPsystem for manufacturing that has been integrated with universal resource scheduling, manufacturers can quickly adjust the schedule and find resources that are available based on the predicted completion date of the project or defined tasks/roles required.

Lack of intelligent business application

While most of the manufacturing organizations may have software application in use, many of them do not have the systems in place to extract and analyze the data being captured by these systems. In this sense, manufacturers are missing out on a critical opportunity: leveraging real-time data on cycle times, quality yields by machines, production run, utilization and other metrics. The entire manufacturing industry needs to improve upon their data mining capacities so they can make faster and better real-time decisions.

Implementing eresource Xcel ERP system can help manage predictive maintenance and analytics as well as remote monitoring can help manufacturers monitor and analyze their data in real-time and help predict when maintenance of an asset is required. As a result manufacturers can move from repair or replace maintenance model to a predict and fix model.

Effective Customer Relationship Management

Customers of manufacturing organizations are consist of end-customers, partners (or service providers), and sub-contractors, or any combination of these. These customers have different needs, concerns and requirements for working with and interacting with manufacturers. Our ERP system makes these interaction easy with real-time data transfer and access to information that is required to maintain a health customer relationship.

Implement eresource Xcel ERP Software for manufacturing industry to overcome challenges

With the introduction of eresource Xcel ERP system, the manufacturing industry is experiencing a resurrection of sorts. Now manufacturers can leverage the latest advancements in technology to face all the challenges head on and continue their upward momentum with little disruption.
Modules for Manufacturing ERP Software

Customer Relationship Management

CRM module helps the organization in getting the customer order management easier day by day. Whether it is maintaining customer information, quickly creating a quote or migrating them to sales order, the CRM comes handy.

Bill of Material Management

The Bill of Material Management module can be used to maintain the details of product requirements such as production of each product item as per the demand and requirement. These information are stored in BOM Module.

Master Production Scheduling

Enables organizations plan what is required to be produced, and quantity to be produced and the period of production. MPS in eresource Xcel generates an accurate and detailed schedule of orders.

Material Requirement Planning

Material Requirements Planning module provides information that will enable the company to have enough inventory on hand to fulfill demand. MRP module assists you in getting material on hand when needed for production or sales.

Purchase Management

Purchase Management is one of the important modules of Manufacturing ERP system. Purchase module deals with all the items or products required which is not in stores. The module collects the list of items which are required.

Production and ShopFloor Management

The functions of Production module is the production of items as per requiement. It heps process on raw materials for making finished goods. Also keep records finished goods that are stored it in inventory as a finished goods.

Quality Control and Quality Assurance (TQM)

Quality Control module facilities versatile support in every phase of your operations, from receipt and acceptance of raw materials, through production of intermediates, to inspections of finished goods before shipment to clients.

Production JOBWORk Management

The functions of Production module is the production of items as per requiement. It heps process on raw materials for making finished goods. Also keep records finished goods that are stored it in inventory as a finished goods.

Plant Maintenance (Engineering)

Plant Maintainance System which can also be referred as Preventative Maintenance that performed on machines or equipment to lessen the likelihood of it failing. PMS can be carried out while the equipment is still working.

Accounts and Finance

It is with this module that Financial Manager as well as other Managers within business can review the financial position of the company in real time and facitate them for better decision-making and strategic planning.

Human Resource Management

HR module streamlines the management of human resources and human capitals. It comprises of 4 broad sections, mainly Training, Recruitment, Payroll and Attendance. HR module routinely maintains a complete employee database.

Good & Service Tax

The most awaited tax reforms in the country. It will impact every sphere of business activity. From Procurement, Supply Chain, IT, Logistics, Pricing, Margins, Working Capital, etc. Current Tax Structure may no longer be relevant in the new GST Regime.

ERP System Administration

The Administration module offers users the possibility to define different levels of access to information in the application, by defining specific groups of users. Administration of the application provides facilities

ERP Master Configuration

Masters Module has all Forms which work as Master Forms for the eresource Xcel ERP. We believe in Masters and Transaction concept where in all Master Data is defined which are only selectable


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