Jobwork Management

In real Scenario, it is very difficult for an industry, to carry all processes leading to manufacture of final product within its own premises.To handle this scenario , the manufacturing unit will have to get the work done i.e. processing of the raw materials or intermediate product from outside. The processes performed outside is nothing but the Job Work. In this module, outside parties who makes jobwork process their data is stored.

Here you can put the services to be processed on the raw materials for making finished product.

Here you can create job work order in which you define that, which product is going to process. And this job work order is sended to outside party who is doing the jobwork process.

Here you can put request of the material required to making job work process, this is given to stores department for request material .

Material issue provision will help stores department for issuing the material against material requisition. It includes General details, Material Requisition details, Item wise Requisition details, Consolidated Item details.

Jobwork cancellation will create invoice in jobwork, It includes all details of jobworker, like Jobworker name,address,challan date, outward date etc. It includes General details, Jobwork details, Followup details, Issued items details, other details.