ERP Master Configuration

Masters Module has all Forms which work as Master Forms for the eresource Xcel ERP. We believe in Masters and Transaction concept where in all Master Data is defined which are only selectable in Transaction Forms. This will eliminate repeated data entries for common data like Products, Clients, Suppliers, Country Names, and City Names etc. All Masters are mainly classified into Geographical Data, Initial Data, Product Data, and Store Data & Ledger.In the Master module, we have heads like Account, Item, General, Excise, Warehouse and Report.

Location wise details are stored here such as Country, State, City, Area, Currency name, Currency code Denomination etc.

If a Company have mult location offices then one can do a entry of that offices with details here so that all the data can be gathered under one system which gives better visibility.

Supplier General details, contact details, billing dispatch details,credit information, terms tagging tabs are available here.

At the core of every business system, there is a nucleus.For eresource Excel ERP, our nucleus is the Item Master. eresource ERP's Item Master serves as the centralized repository for all items/products, which are tracked and inventoried within the enterprise. Our Item Master can create any and all attributes related to item details .