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It’s Controversial: Lean Manufacturing Vs ERP

What is Lean Manufacturing?

There is a big reason why ‘lean business’ fashion has gotten so popular. Customer satisfaction is the main goal for Lean Manufacturing. Lean manufacturing concerns about right value for the customer needs and created in most expedient and effective manner possible.

Accordingly several manufacturers prefer a lean business practice because lean manufacturing is all about eliminating the‘waste’ which means activities or anything that doesn't add value. In turn this method will successively increase profit. Often lean manufacturing is associated with reducing inventory levels which isn't completely true because low inventory might result to stock-outs.

Lean Process

  • Lean process is an execution initiative and focuses on eliminating waste
  • Customer satisfaction is the primary goal, so lean process begins with analyzing what customer wants and needs, then compare it with what your product/service currently has
  • Start to define value and map value streams, which means all actions to bring product from a mere concept to launching the desired product
  • Document all activities that are necessary to specify and build product for the customer.
  • Kanban is the scheduling strategy for lean manufacturing and just-in-time manufacturing.
  • Monitor and review processes to ensure that the value is delivered as per customer needs

eresource has successfully cross-pollinated lean manufacturing and ERP modules making it No.1 choice for SMEs and Big Empires to implement our ERP software. eresource Xcel provides light versions as per the size of various manufacturing organizations. eresource provides the latest generation ERP systems which can help you gain competitive advantage over your competitors.

eresource Xcel ERP . one of the most sought after ERP systems in India today, has been has been designed to facilitate leaner methods of every functions of manufacturing organization.. Lean manufacturing organizations have detailed specifications of all of its actions for a process required to bring a product. An efficiently designed ERP system such as eresource Xcel ERP can l help Lean Manufacturing organizations in its every process such as from order to delivery and from raw materials to finished product as per the requirement. Once the user of the ERP sytem feed the specified data into the system, the system would intelligently takes care of all the process that is required to complete the manufacturing process

The integration of ERP System in Lean manufacturing organizations could help enhance the production efficiency by eliminating waste and the system also helps to integrate the business process and also to provide some real-time information that will support the managerial decision-making.

In the lean manufacturing, ERP system has been considered as a element that helps the organization identify the source of waste because it can create the excess inventory, slow production and less flexibility.

In Lean Manufacturing concept what required is high data quality and accuracy that an intelligently integrated ERP system can provide.. The quality of data helps the company in solving the problem and sustaining the continuous improvement if data is managed properly. Also the ERP system can help the decision makers whether to accept or reject the order by calculating the capacity in which the ordering can be processed faster. Ultimately this process help Lean Manufacturing companies to reduce the lead-time in overall and this is aligned with the one of lean manufacturing concept, which is to shorten the lead-time.

As you know when it comes to manufacturing process the biggest impact in determining the lead-time lies with the production process. The setup and cycle time can bring impact to the lead-time and an efficient ERP system that has been implemented effectively could track this and the wasted time in those processes can be eliminated gradually. It is also to be noted that the business intelligence which is a part of our ERP system could help the lean manufacturing organization to monitor their performance.

It is therefore important for a Lean Manufacturing company to adopt a good ERP system that will be suitable for their business process. When a suitable ERP system has been deployed in a Lean Manufacturing organization, which involves the production line and can be adjusted with their need, the gaps between the actual business process and ERP system model can be reduced. eresource Xcel ERP for Lean Manufacturing has been developed with modules that would provide full product support.

eresource Xcel RP for lean Manufacturing  could help getting in all the information about the organization to all the users. No constraint like confidentiality, hierarchy, or authority exists. Hence the right of information seeking is never questioned. Every employee is motivated to browse, analyze and comment on the performance of the organization through this ERP system. Thus eresource Xcel ERP system expects an employee to be much more matured and accountable with resource of the organization.