Manufacturing ERP Software

Blending Lean Production with ERP

What is Lean Production?

Lean Production, a manufacturing technique is a coherent approach in eliminating the waste which is done through constant enhancements to distinguish them with the help of modern ERP systems. Lean production follows this golden rule-‘Minimum waste will increase your business profits’ Lean Production is a philosophy during which highest quality, lower prices and delivery of product/service is achieved by eliminating the waste which means something that doesn't add worth.

Hence when analyzing all your needs, lean production produces the proper value within the most cost-efficient manner. Both Lean Production and ERP aim for customer satisfaction.

Lean production involves product development, managing supply chain, operational control, delivering customer retention and constant need for careful financial management, that is from product concept to product launch..

How does eresource ERP support Lean Businesses?

While at surface Lean Production and ERP systems seem different, synergy still exists between them. So when they are brought together then they can be highly beneficial for your company.

  • Real-time visibility
  • Connects shop floor to the rest of the departments of the business which helps to gear up the performance
  • You will be able to anticipate and resolve manufacturing problems before they occur
  • You can identify areas for continuous improvements
  • Quality checks enables to produce only good quality products
  • Improved visibility and control ensures your business can response faster and increase customer satisfaction
  • eresource ERP system is the backbone to increase speed and agility, breakdown department silos and improve communication/feedback

eresource ERP is a robust ERP which is capable enough to handle your complex needs. The infamous controversy - push Vs pull - is blended into different modules of eresource ERP where true demand (sales order) coincides with visual pull signal and lower BOM( Bill of Materials) levels. Now, ERP systems are programmed to configure-to-order or make-to-order(MTO) or engineered-to-order(ETO).

eresource has successfully cross-pollinated lean manufacturing and ERP modules making it No.1 choice for SMEs and Big Empires to implement our ERP software. eresource provides the latest generation ERP systems which can help you gain competitive advantage over your competitors.

eresource ERP has fully embraced lean philosophy including Kanban method for controlling production and replenishment. We now have many functionality options to get the best of both worlds for your company. CRM (Customer Relationship Module) of eresource Xcel is a all-in-one solution for any customer service related issues.

In order to maintain an absolute control over your business, irrespective of its size, eresource Xcel provides light and affordable versions of ERP software.